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I’m so mad because this worked

help me roger

Reblogging myself because

Originally posted by gifs-for-the-masses

Reblogging myself because… what was that? Five minutes?


………my friend has made me curious

help me roger

Update: after I reblogged this someone messaged me offering me tickets to the sold out Hausu screening with a Q&A and autograph session with the director

These never work for me, but here’s to trying.

  1. I don’t believe in these things
  2. But last time I reblogged one ten/fifteen minutes later I got a call offering me a job
  3. But I reblogged it because I was waiting on hearing back from the job. So there you go.
  4. Roger is cute.

Eh Roger is cute I might as well

That fish is so happy it makes me happy.

Reblogging myself because I reblogged this yesterday and got promoted today!

spreading some good luck to myself and my followers to kick off the new year! work ur magic roger!!

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The-in-laws Man

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"Abi-Fotos vor und nach der Re-Spießbügerisierung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland"
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